CIFAL Global Network

The International Training Center for Authorities and Leaders is a part of The Global CIFAL network, an innovative initiative of UNITAR’s Decentralized Cooperation Programme. This programme coordinates the activities of regional decentralized centers for training and dissemination of knowledge in urban management and sustainable urbanization.

These initiatives set up an information network for the exchange of experiences between cities on different continents, that have advanced practices and technologies related to sustainable development.

The CIFAL centers are located in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean where they provide innovative training by acting as regional centers for the exchange of knowledge between the government, private sector, and civil society.

Altogether, 25 centers make up the CIFAL Network.

The CIFAL Network works with topics within four thematic axes: Urban Governance and Planning, Economic Development, Social Inclusion, and Environmental Sustainability. Each center is locally managed by a host institution, with UNITAR providing academic content, technical support, and quality assurance measures for their training activities. This allows each CIFAL to prioritize action in specific thematic axes, depending on local needs and priorities.

The training centers provide an important source of good practices and experiences of cities and institutions. They also cooperate on joint activities and in the formulation of planning strategies.

For more information, visit the CIFAL Network page.