2030 Agenda

The United Nations has reaffirmed its commitment to transforming the world into a more just and sustainable place, launching a plan of action known as The Agenda 2030 and creating 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to be achieved. The Agenda 2030 led SESI PR to strongly commit itself to the monitoring and mobilization of the SDG, in order to understand the relevance of the role of the industrial sector in the development process and quality of life for localities.

In agreement with both institutions, CIFAL Curitiba has been active in the mobilization to achieve the SDG and the consequent construction of more sustainable societies. As part of this course of action, CIFAL Curitiba has promoted lessons and trainings together with public, private and academic sectors, in order to allow them to become familiar with and implement the SDG in their activities, research, and projects.


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