Urban Governance and Planning – Road Safety

Promoting the well-being of populations is one of the great concerns of CIFAL Network, which has developed capacities and trainings in order to optimize the construction and implementation of alternatives that can help to overcome the challenges to citizen well-being. In this sense, one of the concerns and priorities of CIFAL Curitiba has been the promotion of activities in the area of “Road Safety and Urban Mobility”.

According to the data from the World Health Organization (WHO), traffic accidents are one of the main causes of death in the world, with about 1.25 million victims per year. Brazil appeared in fifth place on the list of countries with record traffic deaths. Therefore, in order to contribute to the United Nations objective to reduce the number of traffic deaths by half, CIFAL Curtiba has developed trainings and mobilization activities to promote safer, more conscientious, and humane transit.


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